Dr. Federico Pezzotta

Federico Pezzotta, mineralogy curator since 1998 at the Natural History Museum of Milan, Italy, graduated in geological sciences and got a doctorate degree in isotope geochemistry in 1992 at the University of Milan and the CNR of Pisa. He was honored in 2003 with the name of the new mineral and new gemstone pezzottaite, from Madagascar. In the period 2013-2018, he was the Chairman of the IMA-Museum Commission, and since March 2019 he is the President of the GML-AIM (Lombardy Mineral Club – Italian Association of Mineralogy). As an expert in mineralogy and petrology of granitic, gem-bearing pegmatites, and gem tourmaline, Federico visited, studied, and performed field and consultant work, in pegmatite fields in Brazil, Italy, Madagascar, Malawi, Myanmar, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Mozambique. As a result of such experience, he produced over 200 publications in international, scientific and popular magazines.

Madagascar Rubellite: deposits and recent production


Madagascar is a well-known source of gem-quality tourmaline including rubellite since the earliest colonial times. This presentation will report on the characteristics, geology, deposits, as well as the state of production of Malagasy rubellite..

Impressions from the first EGS 2007 in Idar-Oberstein

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