The support is first class and couldn't be better. ICONAG has proven itself to be an excellent partner. Again, thanks.

Michael Wolf, Elektro Poick GmbH

The advantages of B-CON with respect to other systems are its very large functional scope the freely programmable user interface, and the large module libraries.

Matthias Kuhn, Limbach-Oberfrohna

We have been able to convince our customer of the benefits of B-CON's open system architecture.

Jochen Khim, KHIM Automation GmbH

I like working with ICONAG especially because of the high degree of flexibility and spontaneity. I always get quick and straightforward help and suggestions for solutions to my problems!

Markus Felsing, Verbandsgemeinde Montabaur

I've been using B-CON for long time and I'm very happy with ICONAG. B-CON is a highly flexible tool for creating visualizations and can also handle control tasks for you. A key advantage is ICONAG's flexibility and quick support if you have problems with the product or a project.

Klaus Kord Branding, Mies + Reichelt GmbH

The B-CON software is one of our everyday tools, and configuring the building management system has been a joy thanks to the personalized support and attention we received from ICONAG-Leittechnik GmbH right from the start.

Sebastian Mitscherlich, Bauerfeind AG

We really like B-CON as a product. Quick response in case of questions or problems. Competent consulting and great suggestions for solutions! ICONAG is always up to date! We appreciate the flexibility and our friendly contacts!

Sylvio Unger, Bauer Elektroanlagen

With ICONAG, we succeeded in aggregating the systems for refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, fault message monitoring, and consumption monitoring for most of our grocery stores in Europe in a single management system and enable centralized control.

Hubertus Krieger, Defence Commissary Agency (DeCA) der amerikanischen Streitkräfte in Europa

Everything that is technically possible should be done. Our customer wanted the best product on the market, and we chose B-CON.

Helmut Dulghier, LBC Living Bus Control

Working with ICONAG-Leittechnik GmbH has been an extremely positive experience. Their technical expertise is outstanding. They work hard to solve a problem, and without a lot of red tape. ICONAG's motto is "Nothing is impossible." Useful enhancements are either implemented right away or added to development plans. We love the fact that features are constantly being enhanced and adapted to new devices and capabilities.

Bernd Moosmann, Fiegl & Spielberger

The main advantage is that the system operator has only one contact person for the central control system. The product has to be independent because vendors can change during the different stages of construction. That's why we chose ICONAG's solution.

Sascha Seeber, Krankenhaus Hetzelstift

We are very satisfied with B-CON as a product, in particular because B-CON allows us to use the functions of the underlying programming language LabVIEW by National Instruments. We really like the ability to aggregate divers bus systems in one visualization system, as well as the project-specific support by ICONAG.

Michael Oder, D-I-E Elektro AG

Merging building technology with the world of Apple was an important goal.

Martin Konanz, IBEAS GmbH